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This website inspires, educates and encourages  you to improve your lifestyle.

We achieve this by doing a quick self-check-up on how you feel about your current lifestyle balance.Then we help match the education and resources that will improving that area of life you identified as needing attention.We have proven that small changes in the right areas of life produce amazing results toward achieving a well-balanced lifestyle.

Our mission is to help INSPIRE, EDUCATE AND ENCOURAGE others to improve their lifestyle. We are passionate about this because we have seen the positive influence a single person has on those close to them when living an improved lifestyle. This positive ripple effect extends to family, community, country and ultimately makes the world a better place to live.

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About the Founder - David Bunney

The focus is simple…help others improve their lifestyle through education and resources. Don’t over complicate it all.

Discover which area of your life needs attention, and then find simple measures to implement that will improve that area of your life.

David Bunney is known as The Lifestyle Mentor™ because of his driving passion for helping people reach their full potential and achieve the lifestyle of their choice.

He is an International Best-selling Author, Enrichment Speaker, and Lifestyle Mentor, and is based in Perth, Western Australia. David studied business and entrepreneurship at Edith Cowan University and completes ongoing formal business and professional study to remain on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. He holds board positions on several corporate entities including a research and development public company.

Through his travels, he facilitates training workshops for entrepreneurs, corporate clients, and government agencies. His acclaimed unique style of delivering education through entertainment and real-life experience has David in high demand worldwide. He enjoys regular speaking engagements delivering Enrichment Lectures for Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises on their larger cruise ships.

In his career, he has personally pioneered well over a dozen start-up business ventures, spanning the industries of oil and gas, mining, hospitality, property development, eCommerce, technology, advertising, marketing, training, and education. David serves as a mentor to start-up business owners and is credited with countless success testimonials.

He is an active participant in community service with Rotary International. His tenacity and commitment have led to many humanitarian accomplishments, earning him respect and admiration from the community and peers. He is particularly devoted to developing youth leadership.


David’s primary focus is to help people improve their lifestyle by achieving balance and abundance. He achieves this through his resources and education programs. As an industry thought-leader he is aptly described as engaging, authentic and entertaining. Followers claim they are left feeling inspired, educated and encouraged to achieve success and have more fun in their life.

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