Option Trading Strategy BOSE Method™ – eBook 2020 Edition (Includes COVID-19 Crash)


Option Strategy for changing your trading emotional rollercoaster into fun and profit!

Ever wished for more trading certainty?

Tired of the emotional rollercoaster?

Are you struggling to make consistent profit?

That was me for a very long time until out of desperate frustration I decided to ask for help with a mindset open to learn.

What is the BOSE Method™

This option strategy is truly unique and defies the usual labels. It shares some characteristics with calendar spreads, LEAPS, diagonal spreads, and covered calls, however, is in fact, a hybrid of several methodologies. To me, it’s the “Holy Grail” of trading; for want of a better label, I just called it the “Best Option Strategy Ever.” I simply refer to as The BOSE Method™

Why does it work?

It works on the simple fact that the sum of smaller parts is always greater than the whole. Buying very long dated insurance to protect short term trading is the foundation.
However, as I discovered it required an open mindset to accept its simplicity.

BOSE - COVID-19 Massive Profits

What is Included?

  • The Mindset of Option Trading is emphasised in early chapters because of its critical relevance to achieving long term success.
  • Fundamental Option Trading terminology is discussed to clarify the context and meaning of certain elements of the BOSE Method™
  • Why this works so well in any market conditions offers insight into its foundations.
  • How it works and the mechanics of implementing it.
  • Step by Step guide to getting started, including where to find suitable Stocks and how to select the most suitable. (Includes the Authors favourites)
  • Actual case studies spaning 2011, 2014 and 2017. Analysis of potential earning if the BOSE Method was commenced at these dates.
  • Summary analysis of actual results
  • Paper Trading Worksheets prefilled with actual 2020 trading figures to show how to prove this for yourself by paper-trading.
  • Blank Paper Trading Worksheets and Stock selection Worksheet
  • Frequently Asked Questions from real traders using this method.
  • Ongoing education and Resources



or read the full story at https://successleavesatrail.com/option-trading-emotional-rescue/


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