Romance Useful Tips

ROMANCE: Relationship and Intimacy

This area evaluates your current relationship situation. This includes your feelings about your partner, significant other or even your satisfaction of not being in a relationship.

Enhancing any relationship requires deliberate effort, it just does not happen, no matter how well you think you know each other. Empathy, understanding and communication are only a fraction of what is required to bond a meaningful relationship.

Familiarity and routine are a killer. It probably didn’t start out that way, but the sad fact is many long-lasting couples seem to fall into a groove they don’t even realise. The hope is that with all the freely available knowledge and resources there is a way to reignite the spark and romance in any relationship if we try.

A cautionary word regarding one of the most common mistakes often made; you cannot change your partners habits or behaviour so don’t try. Your focus must be on improving your side of the relationship, your actions, you are the one to be a better romantic partner, it starts with you! Here are some suggestions:

  • Master empathy
    Your ability to understand how your partner feels. Real or perceived it does not matter, if that is how your partner is feeling then just understand that from their eyes. Master this and you will be amazed how communication improves, along with romance.
  • Laugh together
    Romance is supposed to be fun, right? So why so serious so often. Have more fun and laugh together. It can’t be too hard to find ways to make that happen surely.
  • Acts of love
    Sometimes it is the little things that make the most impact. It could be as small as doing the chores you know your partner hates, or that token surprise gift, ‘I love you’ notes hidden in that sandwich you willingly prepared. It doesn’t need to be grand, in fact some of the most special memories are the small and meaningful random acts of love.
  • Power of words
    I love you. Just say it! We know we mean it, so why not say it more often. Text in the middle of the day, say it before sleep and never leave the house without a hug, kiss and an I love you.
  • Compliments
    We never seem to be complimented enough so why not make the effort more. Find sincere acknowledgement and compliments for your partner. Because they are from such a trusted source compliments have a serious impact on improving the romance in your life.
  • Set the mood
    It is hard to remain affectionate in the chaos the noisy environment of kids, dogs and distractions. Do some planning for that next intimate interlude. Set the ambience for that special time and place. Scheduling quality time together can be very romantic, as the anticipation will feel like date-night all over again.
  • Feng Shui the bedroom
    Yes, it is a thing. There are so many tips and tricks to spice up this love area. Research it and you will find expert advice on the do’s and don’ts of having a romantic bedroom. You may even explore some options for rest of the house.