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HOME: Living environment

Here we are considering your physical living environment. Your house or dwelling. Sleeping arrangements, eating and the members who make up that home environment.

“Home is where the heart is”, was said by Gaius Plinius Secundus, a Roman philosopher better known as Pliny the Elder. Centuries later this has been interpreted by many as simply loving the place you live. Whether this be your dwelling or place on earth.

Your physical living environment has a strong impact on your emotions. How you feel about your surroundings effects your mood, your energy levels and even your wellbeing. This is one area of your life balance you need to be comfortable with. The exciting news is just how simple and low-cost it is to make improvements.

So, before your sell the house, change the furniture, paint the walls or start demolishing; stop! If you go about this correctly you may be surprised how small changes in the right places can make such an impact on your feelings and happiness. Here are a few useful suggestions…

  • Declutter, We all have objects lying around that serve no real purpose anymore. It is easy not to take notice of the build-up of stuff on shelves, in cupboards or stacked high on the couch. An easy way to get started is one area at a time and use the four-box method.

Box 1 Labelled giveaway to charity
Box 2 Throw away as rubbish
Box 3 To be sold items
Box 4 Keep these; only if there is a specific place for them

  •  Add plant life, This is a simple and great way to add life to your home. Lush green or vibrant cut flowers in a vase instantly contributes to a good feeling in the home. A recent popular trend is the indoor kitchen herb garden. These pots of healthy goodness are both practical as well as a beautiful décor item.
  • Wall art, It does not need to an original Picasso, just something that makes you feel good when you look at it. Finding inexpensive art is not too difficult. Start with the op-shops and garage sales or even online stores. Here’s a tip; why not sort your favourite photos and pick one that stirs that emotion within, get it framed and hang it.
  • Central station, Create a central hub for everything. It may be an existing side table or large hanging board. Whatever you use should include a place for keys, a notice board for events, colander, umbrella stand, hat rack, coat hanger and anything else that streamlines your busy schedule.
  • Fix it, How long have you tolerated that thing that needs fixing? The squeaky hinges or the dead lightbulb, the stuck door handle, and yes you have become an expert at making that worn lock still work. Simplify your life, reduce your stress, just fix what needs attention.
  • Excite your senses, Of the five senses that create our emotions, four could be incorporated easily into our home space. It may be some subliminal soft music or simply a natural oils diffuser of your favourite fragrance, whatever it is, pay more attention how you feel in certain rooms. Perhaps even consider an entire paint makeover if more colour would help.
  • First impressions, When you arrive home, what do you see first? More importantly how does it make you feel? First impressions have an impact on how we feel and burns deep in our subconscious. Be critical of that first sight. If it could be improved, what would make it better? Then do it.