3 Steps To Shift Your Negative Thoughts

3 Steps To Shift Your Negative Thoughts

Successful people are very positive people. When their sales drop, they don’t have negative thoughts such as “My business is losing customers” or “My competitors are going to take over the market”. They create positive thoughts such as “There might be a replacement for our product. Competitors might not know yet. I’m going to research for more information and be the pioneer of this product in the same market.”

As you can see, same thing happen but different way of thinking it. The person who has negative thoughts will start to live in fear, worries and ready to leave. The person who has positive thoughts moves on and achieves better results than others.

But the major problem is:

Most people think that they don’t have control over their thought. When sales drop, they automatically think in a negative way. It doesn’t look like they have a minute to tell their mind “Hey Brain! Think in a positive way and see how can we benefit from what happened!” The mind starts to expect the worst situation and believes that’s the truth. Do you think the person purposely think in a negative way and intentionally believe it?

No. That person didn’t. It doesn’t seem like he have a choice.

But do you think you have a choice to choose how you think? Can we control our thoughts?

Yes. You can do it in 3 steps:

1. Be Grateful Of What You Have. Most negative thoughts come from the fear of loss. When you start to experience and get to feel what you already have, the fear of loss will disappear. You’ll feel ease and comfortable at this step.

2. Call Someone And Share Something Great With Them. Call people related to you such as family, friends, customers or colleagues. Share some great things and try to make them happy. Most people think they are individual but it’s not in reality. When someone get killed or gone through bad experience, you will feel bad too. When you make someone happy or you empowered them, you will get back the same too.

3. Give Someone Help Or Contribute To Others. You can do it in the form of donation, voluntary in charity or help someone over the street. Contributing to others fulfill us and bring us great feeling. Someone’s life is different because of us. That allows us to feel the power and greatness inherited by all human being.