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Option Trading Emotional Crash… Saved by a Mentor

Ever wished for more trading certainty?

Tired of the emotional rollercoaster?

Are you struggling to make consistent profit?

My Option Trading Experience.
Let me tell you about my story of trading because I know that gut wrenching feeling, the frustration, the hopeless despair of winning and then losing it all.

I traded on and off for twenty years, in an emotional roller-coaster cycle of huge windfall profits and spectacularly crashing losses. I heard about the trading choices out there and tried them all. Share trading, FOREX, Commodities, Options, and some others I probably should not have been involved with, as I had no clue whatsoever how they even worked (or in my case, often failed to work).

Typically, option trading is made out to be complicated, hard to learn and reserved only for the sophisticated investor.

As I discovered, it does not need to be that difficult. You just need to be humble enough to become a good student. If you connect with the right mentor, someone who has already achieved success, your progress will be greatly enhanced.

Once you adopt a mindset open to learning and opportunity to apply the mechanics of the principles outlined within this book, your success becomes inevitable.

Option Trading is perhaps one of the purest forms of self-development. In no other Endeavor, will you gain as much insight into your own personality and identity as you will in this industry.

From the outset, you need to assess your motivation, your commitment to a strategy, your willingness to take risks, your stress tolerance, and your ability to take personal responsibility for your actions. Simply making this assessment honestly and accurately is a program of positive personal development.

I knew that self-education was the key to becoming a successful trader, and it certainly helped me somewhat; however, at a particularly dark low point, I realized I needed to ask for help. It didn’t come naturally; a common trait of the male species!

Best Option Strategy Ever - MentorIsn’t it amazing? When the student is ready, the teacher suddenly appears…

What I was about to learn was that Option Trading was more about mindset than trying to pick winners.

I researched a trading study course that included a mentor. Yes, a real person. An individual who would sit down with me, give me guidance, and answer my questions. A professional coach who would allow me to learn at my own pace and guide me. What a great feeling that was!

You may ask, “So, did I stop making mistakes?” No; if anything, I made more of them for a while, however, not so costly. I learnt that a mentor’s role is not to hold a student’s hand or do their homework. Mentors enable a journey of self-discovery and learning.

Now, some people reading this will choke when I say I paid five thousand ($5,000) dollars in advance for that experience. Others know that was relatively cheap. For me, it turned out to be the best investment of my life. Self-education is always the best return on investment.

The lifelong value of that one investment has been incalculable for me and my family. And now I have the pleasure of teaching it to others. It is my way of expressing my gratitude to those who have helped me, and a chance to pass on to others what I have learnt. You can’t put a price tag on the deep sense of satisfaction that brings.

So what is the BOSE Method™

This option trading strategy doesn’t really have a name within the industry; it is truly unique and defies the usual labels. It shares some characteristics with calendar spreads, LEAPS, diagonal spreads, and covered calls, however, is in fact, a hybrid of several methodologies.

To me, it’s the “Holy Grail” of trading; for want of a better label, I just called it the “Best Option Strategy Ever.” I simply refer to as The BOSE Method™.

Why does it work?

It works on the simple fact that the sum of smaller parts is always greater than the whole.

Buying very long dated insurance to protect short term trading is the foundation.

However, as I discovered it required an open mindset to first accept new learning, before following advice of a Mentor.

WARNING! The eBook “Best Option Strategy Ever”, comes with a warning. The BOSE Method™ uses leverage, and a long-term approach that most people lack the will to follow.

There is more information about option trading and even a quick quiz available that may determine if this eBook is suitable to help achieve your trading goals at
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If you want your emotional roller coaster to change and become fun! Get your copy now.

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